Abigail - 24yr old Nurse

"When I first went to Stacey I was the heaviest I ever been and so unfit! I'd gained weight throughout my study journey & suffered a major knee injury, I stress ate and lost all motivation to exercise. What was more saddening was I had no confidence, I hated looking in the mirror or at photos & I was more inclined to just stay at home than do anything social because of low self esteem. I had no energy - work was hard & I couldn't keep up on a short walk and I was always tired and grumpy. I was embarrassed and miserable!! I wanted to make a change but I just didn't know where to start . Stacey understood, she didn't judge, she was kind but motivating and ready to help me change my life. Stacey is extremely knowledgeable and passionate. She cares about her clients and knows how to push you to be the best you can be! Over the past 18 months I have lost 30kg, over 20% body fat & gained so much fitness and strength. But more importantly I have gained my confidence and energy back. I feel amazing. I am happier, healthier & stronger both physically and mentally! I am able to do things I never thought I'd be able to do and I can now make the most of life. I couldn't have done it without Stacey's help and guidance. I am a completely different person inside and out. Now I love exercising and seeing what I am capable of! cannot thank Stacey enough!"

Rose - 52yr old Grandma

"In November 2016 I broke my ankle and had to have it operated on just before I was going to start training with Stacey as my personal trainer. When my moon boot came off in I had a tiny calf muscle and not a lot of movement in my ankle. I thought I was not going to be able to play netball which was a rather depressing thought for me because I love playing. I started up my training with Stacey and it’s been absolutely awesome. She got me working on my strength and fitness – lots of squats, weights, high intensity stuff – and to everyone’s surprise (me most of all) I was playing netball again and was even able to play in the final.  Then in January I took part in the Great Lake Taupo relay – and I had never done anything like that before. So what am I saying? I’m saying that Stacey Kyle is a fantastic personal trainer. I’m pushing weights I never dreamed of and I’m so much fitter than I was. My ankle is getting more and more movement in it. She is so encouraging I can push through my mental barriers to achieve more than I thought I could so its not just my physical strength but my mental strength that’s getting better. And to top it off, her nutritional advice to decrease my intake of fructose (sadly, I am a fruitaholic eating up to 23 pieces of fruit a day so this has been a big challenge for me) has seen my arthritis greatly improved. People are saying how good I’m looking and I feel good. And my husband’s loving the new me too. If you’re looking for a personal trainer I have no hesitation in recommending Stacey to you."

Janis - 39yr old Mother of two

"I have almost completed my first 10 week healthy living boot camp with Stacey and I am absolutely loving it!!  With staceys help and guidance my fitness has improved to the point where I could barely run 200m at the start and now I plan on doing my first 12km run soon. I have lost weight with guidance from Stacey with eating plans, but more importantly my overall happiness has improved. Staceys boot camp caters to all levels of fitness and I was instantly made to feel welcome by everyone who attends. Stacey has been amazing, she pushes me to achieve what I thought I couldn't and pushes me to believe in myself.  I cannot recommend Stacey enough. She genuinely cares about her clients and it shows."

Sophia - 25yr old Mum to be

"I have been a client of Stacey’s on and off for probably a good couple years now! Stacey has managed to keep me on track, hold me accountable and make exercise fun! She’s always been amazing at listening out for things I wasn’t comfortable with or couldn’t do, or didn’t understand, and has been an amazing mentor in my fitness journey. She’s taught me a lot when it comes to my fitness and body and health wise I probably hadn’t felt better! 10/10 would recommend! Can’t wait to see you smash my body after pregnancy 😉 #getthatbikinibodyback"

Lucinda - 27yr old Mother of two

"I first started with Stacey in November 17' with a bunch of girls from work. It started off casual and fun but served its purpose of kicking our non athethic butts. As someone who had shied away from most types of physical exercise, it definitely was a shock to the system. I've always had a high level of confidence which upon reflection had been detrimental to my health and I really had let it get out of control. So, at my heaviest of 120kgs I decided enough was enough and officially signed up to her #healthylivingchallenge. This took me out of my comfort zone and at first was a daunting experience to overcome. But after my first week and meeting all the girls, I felt so much warmth and so at home with all them all and although we were on different journeys we were all heading towards the some destination. Fast forward 6 months I'm down almost 20kgs and feeling so amazing. It's still only the beginning for me and as I head into my third round I'm so excited for what I can achieve. Stacey has so much knowledge and skill to offer and is such a blast to train with. There's never a dull moment and she really pushes you to want to achieve your best. She has given me the tools to improve my nutritional state for not only myself, but my young family too, along with our bootcamp sessions which are always killer, but in the best way! I cannot thank her enough for the role she's played in my journey so far and am so excited to see where this journey takes me."

Amber - 21yr old Earth Scientist

"I have been training with Stacey over the past 10 months. Within this time I have done both personal training sessions and her boot camps. Honestly, I have loved every moment. Stacey has made me more confident within myself, my fitness is the best it has been in 5 years and greater strength both mentally and physically. She has worked with me in figuring out my food sensitivity and shown how far I can push myself. In boot camp I have met the most incredible ladies who offer the most amazing support! Stacey has created an environment which no matter what level you are, you feel empowered and comfortable. In PT we learnt my strengths and weaknesses. She has managed to push me to places and achieve goals I never thought I would be able to reach. I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone, she has changed my life in so many ways. Truely an amazing trainer."